Sunday, December 21, 2008

Landscaping complete

The landscaping is complete and most of the maintenance items have been taken care of. Mind you, it did take some time, but probably because we are getting close to Christmas.

Here are some pics of the landscaping. The plants are a bit smaller than we would like, mainly because the wholesale stock was depleted at the time by the retail nurseries and the landscaper only wanted to use the "good" wholesale nurseries. We added some extra plants as well because the design we had might have made the garden look a bit sparse.

The neighbour behind us pinched 5 of the larger pavers according to the landscaper!

The white patch on the retaining wall was patched and we need to paint it.

Once the plants grow, you won't be able to see the pavers on the lower level and there won't be too many gaps between the plants. They're all native plants apart from the trees, which are dwarf magnolias.

Garden lighting near the deck

Water feature at the end of the deck. The photo doesn't do it justice.


gong1959 said...

The landscaping is lovely, particularly the rear with the water feature. Your facade has turned out great ! Well done ! Love where you've got the stackstone - just enough without going over the top. I imagine you're now over the ordeal. Doing it again & with whom ?

jamie&kath said...


I don't think we'll be in a rush to build again. Even the landscaper told us we were mad to build!

It's really nice stacked stone too - from Eco Concepts. I was surprised at the difference between the cheap and the more expensive stacked stone. The cheap stuff is on the local McDonalds and it's a night and day difference in the final look.